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21 November 2014 20:53

Capelli Divini

RedHead ci racconta della sua chioma rossa e a me, dopo il suo racconto, viene voglia di fare un riepilogo della mitologia dei capelli.....


19 November 2014 18:56

Equilibri di moda

Un Made in Italy detto tale non solo perchè interamente prodotto in Italia, ma anche perchè riporti in luce quelli che erano anche gli altri suoi valori fondamentali, tra i quali...
18 November 2014 15:49

I Think It's Lovely #42

Nature doesn’t need people. People need Nature. Human beings are part of Nature. Nature is not dependent on human beings to exist. Human beings, on the other hand, are totally dependent on Nature to exist...

If they asked me to pick according to my personal taste, a famous photographer to portray me, I would have no doubt, I would choose Jean Paul Goude. He has been an image author for...
14 November 2014 12:09

Fashionable butts

Even the butt, understood as the lower back, with its shape, is indeed subject to the fashions. And the confirmation comes from the success of these days, that seals as...

12 November 2014 11:38

Once there was a lake

Such a beautiful and sad video, as well as shivering and romantic witness of one of the most enormous environmental disaster caused by mankind...

11 November 2014 15:16

I Think It's Lovely #41

A forest planted by men, completely left in the hands of Nature, usually takes up to 100 years to reach a satisfying level of maturity. But what would happen if we could make the whole process 10 times faster?

10 November 2014 18:43

Salgado's salt

Let us take the opportunity to spread provided by the social networks, because everyone has a great opportunity: to be able to speak up and do something to spread...

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