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23 October 2014 22:22

Oscar and the Genius

I myself would also like to give my personal goodbye to Oscar de la Renta, who passed away earlier this week, as we...

23 October 2014 15:00

Il Circo Delle Pulci

Domenica scorsa siamo stati al Ca' Bianca, il posto ospitava un'altra edizione de "Il Circo delle Pulci"...
20 October 2014 19:48

About the facts of H&M

In the last few days we assisted online to the viral success of the docu-reality shot in Cambodia by the Norwegian paper Aftenposten...

17 October 2014 11:21

Don't Waste the Muse: Arletty.

La Cineteca Oberdan a Milano ha sempre una programmazione molto interessante, e ci vado spesso...
15 October 2014 11:07

I Think It's Lovely #39

“Dear human beings, we vacation by the oceans, we bathe in the oceans, and we eat from the oceans. But, few very of us think of the oceans beyond what we want from them...

This year me and Venette were quite focused at the DATE, the eyewear exhibition. Yep, because our ideas about our mission was...
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