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18 April 2014 11:00

I Think It's Lovely #28

Caricare il cestino sulla bicicletta ed evitare tutto ciò che è "usa e getta"...

14 April 2014 19:41

Selfie with Valentina

We walked a bit and, talking about design, we could not avoid but talking about fashion as well: every time I see her my desire is always the same...

A great opportunity to visit the Villa at its best in this spring time and to purchase a drawing representing me in my adored city.

10 April 2014 10:30

I Think It's Lovely #27

When cultured, it easily generates a micro garden to take care of and to grow, otherwise it just stays an object with a message which does not change through time...

03 April 2014 19:24

Venette's Best Ones

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Published 17 October 2012

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