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Il Buning Man Festival è un'isola felice anche perchè è lontana da ogni connessione globale...
26 August 2014 18:13

I Think It's Lovely #35

In maniera superba li invita a donare per l'ALS portando l'attenzione degli occhi del mondo su una tragedia umana ancor più grande e in emergenza.

25 August 2014 11:38

Made in China

Un grazie di cuore a Silvia e Fabio allora, e alla loro capacità di visionari nel mettere ogni giusto "Made in" al posto giusto...
20 August 2014 11:43

Where are we now. August.

of August,
the vacation spots in Italy, picked by Venette
20 August 2014 10:37

Soul Salad

September 18th, in Via Paolo Sarpi 8, we will talk about Fashion, Ethics and Sustainability, and we will introduce our fashion network, explaining why Waste is Value.

11 August 2014 09:50

Bye bye Mister Robin Williams

I am sorry, though his face has always thinly disguised a veil of sadness and melancholy...

04 August 2014 09:42

Happy holidays

Venette Waste, the Web Fashion Academy and Waste Couture will be closed for the summer break from August 4th to August 24th.
28 July 2014 16:28

Messed up brains

There is a sort of “war” going on, in terms of violence, creeping in a manner I perceive as devious and dangerous and that before was not here, even if...

22 July 2014 19:17

The WFA memes

On the occasion of the opening Web Fashion Academy, even I made my own memes, for you to better understand all the opportunities of this new project of ours, want to bet you will like them?

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