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Andreas Kronthaler, Vivienne Westwood and Wastemark
Web Fashion Academy • 30 settembre, 2019

The SS20 collection is produced using a wide range of "forsaken fabrics", sourced from the best Italian mills in collaboration with Waste Couture.

These materials never got to live their  first lyfe cycle despite being perfectly usable.

Our aim is to return to these materials their true value, turning something that has been wrongly labelled as waste to a product of both artistic and economical value .

These fabrics have been used to their greige/natural state in order enhance the beauty of the message they are carrying within.


All the garments made using upcycled fabrics have an identifying label Wastemark - 100% forsaken fabrics.
This testify that the main fabrics used have been sourced in accordance with Waste Couture Protocol.

Wastemark is a mark that certifies the waste of value and the value of waste. It is a mark that guaranties to the consumer fashion and design products that were created respecting the rules enstablished by the Waste Couture Protocol, for production processes designed to make the closed cycle.

Waste Couture is a new way to create a product, this new system views waste as a value. Any fashion product created following this new system is certified by Wastemark.

In order to ensure the greater transparency possible the Waste Couture Protocol uses notarization on blockchain to make public and unalterable the data on the tracing of the production chain in the fashion industry: from the style office to the origin of fabrics and materials and from production to distribution.

Waste for Waste Couture is not production waste, but instead it is everything that the industry produces but never gets to live its first life cycle and the distorted dynamics that lead to the making of these products. Waste is also everything that is produced in total respect of the Biosphere, meaning all that is not part of a closed production cycle.

An important action in the Waste Couture protocol is the relaunch of fabrics that despite being of first choice and existing in large quantities are left “forsaken” in the storages of large textile companies. These Wastemark certfied fabrics are offered for sale, and their distribution also becomes the bearer of an important message, an invitation to carry out the first action in the direction of the closed-cycle economy: before producing something new always consider using what has already been produced.





Vivienne Westwood, Andreas Kronthaler, Wastemark, Waste Couture
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