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The advantages of Wastemark
Web Fashion Academy • 28 aprile, 2021

Are you a designer using leftover fabrics?
There is only a label can guarantee the fully sustainability of this action:
1 using Wastemark certification you are not buying by stockist but you are going to support the best italian textile keeping them on circularity.
2 using Wastemark certification you can guarantee to your consumers and with documents where your fabrics are coming from.
3 using Wastemark certification you are using quality fabrics which respect the Waste Couture Protocol standards, www.wastemark.it
4 using Wastemark certification means not only, use the existing first, which is the best action you can make to reduce emissions, but give a contribute to create a regulated upcycling market, where values and cost are kept alligned in between all the operators.
5 using Wastemark certification is entering in a network of more then 100 companies and professionls which are all working together for a radical change.

Take a step forward to circularity, use a mark, Wastemark.
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