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Our Waste (as value) Manifesto
Action • 16 dicembre, 2018

In a historical moment that sees the exponential growth of collective reawakening, I present again my Waste Manifesto, written some time ago, but today more than ever valid to enlighten coherence in action for urgent responses to the planetary emergency.
For once in english :)

- We realize that, in a world full of product, there is no need to produce anything and all the best has already been done.

- We respect the value of time.

- We want to absorb waste by making a product without producing anything, to bring back balance between material goods and immaterial goods.

- We recognize that waste is a resource that, if used, brings us a new wealth and well-being.

- We know that work is not consisting any longer to produce new objects but is fixing, restructuring, reconsidering, redistributing and using what is wasted, because these are actions we can do to bring back a bit of real beauty among us.

- There is no more beauty except in respect of all Nature, we are aware of being one with the universe. We know that where there is no respect, there is no beauty and that Nature has all her rights and must be respected.

- We are the new creatives, the evolved ones, who prefer to call ourselves "Revealers". The Revealers will leave to Nature the deserved and incomparable title of creative and the delicate task that promotes ... the creation. The Revealers will recognize each other because, in respecting her grandiose and exemplary work, through their skills, they will seize the opportunity and the privilege to disclose her extraordinary meanings.

- We, beyond the inevitable existence in this economic system, act exclusively to contribute to its next change.

- We do not take anything away from Nature and our only actions are aimed at restoring it to what has been carelessly removed.

- We do not recognize any other fashion than the one determined by style and style is coherency. We do not recognize any other look than the one that respects the perfect dressing of the shape.

- We know that only the longevity of the product is the true luxury.

- We believe in us, in sharing, in participation and in collaboration for a single common purpose: bringing all of us back to the true meaning of beauty.

- We believe and live to defend freedom, the first thing we must do for the realization of a sustainable life for humanity and for the whole planet.

- We do not believe in progress but in art, only through art will we understand the future. Art is limited to infinity and, starting from there, it can not progress.

- We are no longer dependent on organized lying, uninterrupted distraction and nationalistic idolatry.

- We know that our first duty is to love our mother, the Earth.

- We know that culture is not the cult of the individual.

- Our daily commitment is to implement every personal choice only if it corresponds primarily to common well-being.

- Our pleasure is giving, even giving back.

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