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Katinka Saltzmann and friends
Web Fashion Academy • 25 settembre, 2018

Capita che, fra gente simile in sentimenti e valida nel modo di operare, ci si metta insieme per passare momenti magnifici.

"My designs feature natural beauty, functional utility and refined structure. Having lived in Berlin in the early 2000s I embraced an experimental spirit within an unrestrained environment. Today I live in Milan and have achieved an in-depth knowledge of the Italian fashion system, the excellent Italian craftsmanship and the various disciplines of modern Italian design. I seek for ethical and sustainable solutions in the fashion industry and strongly believe in a 
circular environmentally friendly chain of production and consumption as well as in the evolution of smart clothing."
Katinka Saltzmann

Photo and art direction Matteo Bertolio
Dress Venette Waste
Turbans Lidia Falcon 
Shoes Katinka Saltzmann
Model Tiffany Winteler
Action Waste Couture

Web Fashion Academy, Waste Couture, Katinka Saltzmann, Matteo Bertolio, Lidia Falcon, Venette Waste, shoes, scarpe,
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